When I was considering a move to the Cape, I was deeply concerned about finding a rental property that included the amenities and finishes I sincerely wanted in my new home. At Walden Park, I found that and much, much more. The community is vibrant and alive. It has high end finishes and great amenities, the managers are attentive to our needs, fantastic community social events, and easy access to running and nature trails. It is a quiet yet energizing community – perfect for professionals. I have loved living at Walden! Truly a place to call home.

-Margo Greicar

Working with the staff at Walden Park was really a joy. They were professional and yet personable in all business interactions I had with them. My friend, an independent contractor, assured me that the quality of the workmanship and the materials used in our house was tops which continued to build my confidence as the process moved along. The neighbors that I’ve met at the “community get-togethers” and just walking around the complex have been friendly and compatible with the lifestyle at Walden Park. We are very happy to be home in Cape again.

-Charlie Holt

I fell in love with Walden Park on my first visit to the area. The development had everything we wanted–great location, friendly people, and house styles that are both functional and attractive. I had always heard that building a new house was a “nerve-wrecking” experience, but nothing could have been further from the truth. The developers and staff led us throughout the process of choosing everything from insulation type to cabinet handles in a manner that was never overwhelming.The best part of our house? It has felt like home from the first day we moved in. I don’t think I could give a better compliment.

-Sally Holt

When I was just ” house looking”, I had looked at the Walden Park House twice and really admired it: the white granite topped kitchen cabinets with the large island in the center; the dining and living room open concept; the white fireplace; the pantry, laundry, and two car garage; the oversize master bedroom with bath and walk-in closet; and most of all, a large room, large bedroom, and bath for my adult son in the basement. About one-third of the basement is storage along with a smaller room for we use for storage and sewing room for me. When I got serious about buying, I had my brother, who has worked in construction for 45 years, and the realtors look at it with me. My brother went over it carefully. His statement was, “Sis, I think you should make a bid on this one.” The realtors started the paper work. I brought my reluctant son out to look at it. By that afternoon the bargaining had been done, I signed the papers, and my reluctant son was very happy with the house.We are very happy to be spending our first Christmas here in Walden Park. After living in the same house for 50 years, it is different, but we are very well satisfied with the environment and surroundings as well as the house itself.

-Mary and Art Wilhite